What is a short term apartment rental in Spain and why is it better than staying at a Hotel?

It is a cost-effective alternative to a Hotel stay. Short term apartment rental in Spain can be from 1 night up to several months. The reason this is such a widely popular option in Europe, Spain and Barcelona particularly is due to the fact that this is a well developed and established industry, as just our company alone has been in business for over 5 years. High cost of Hotels’ rooms and demand for privacy are just a few reasons that make apartment rental options very attractive.

How do we get to the apartment we booked?

Once the apartment is booked in Spain, Barcelona, you will be provided with airport or train station pickup – the cost is only 50 EUR one way per transfer.

Our driver will already know the coordinates of your apartment and will take you directly there. Alternatively, if you choose your own means of transportation simply call us ( contacts ) prior to your arrival and our manger will be dispatched to meet you at the office to collect the balance and hand you the key from the apartment.

The exact address of the accommodation booked is provided to all clients in our final confirmation letter.

Our office is located on

Avinguda  Tarradellas 80, 1-1a Barcelona 08029

Office working hours are 9:00 – 20:00.

If you choose to arrange a cab of your own, and your flight is delayed simply call us at any phone number listed in contacts and we will make appropriate arrangements.

Is renting an apartment in Spain, Barcelona safe?

Renting a short term apartment in Barcelona is a very safe accommodations option. All of our apartments are located in the very center of Barcelona, which is perfectly safe. The only parties which have the keys to the apartments are us and the tenant. Further, virtually all of the buildings feature door codes or door keys, intercoms and some contain full time or part time doorman as per the apartment’s description.

When is usual Check-In/Check-Out time?

Check-in is from 2pm (14:00) and check-out is by noon (12:00). If these times do not suite you please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Is it possible to have an early Check-In or late Check-Out Time?

This is only possible when we do not have a client checking out or checking in that day. Apartments are a very popular option and therefore it is better not to count on this to be the case. If you want to be assured of an early check in or late check out – you should reserve the apartment from the night before for early check in or into the following day for late check outs.

Can I reserve any apartment?

Absolutely! However, if your stay is 2 nights or less we may not be able to provide you with the specific apartment you are reserving. If such is the case, you will be informed about it in our first e-mail to you providing the availability of the apartment. In such instances, we offer an equivalent or better standard apartment in the case your original option is unavailable. Please be assured in all of these cases our clients receive the same or better accommodations in the very center of Barcelona, as our database of apartments is the largest of any Barcelona rental company. Alternatively, you can contact us 3-4 days prior to your arrival at which point we can let you know if the specific apartment you are interested is available for a reservation.

Are there any hidden costs?

Please read carefuly the description on the page of the rented apartment as there is usually a Refundable Security Deposit charged of 50Euro to 300Euro which is collected upon check-in and given back upon check-out. Some apartments require additional cleaning fee to be paid which starts from 40 Euros (please read the description or contact us). Often upon arrival a tourist tax is being charged which is usually a small fee per person but you can check the amount either in the description of the apartment or ask us.

The price includes rent, utilities (energy consumption), maid service before check in and VAT. The deposit portion which is paid online by either Credit Card or Paypal also includes our 6% handling fee, which is NOT included in the remainder of the payment.

Is there high speed Internet in the apartments and is it free?

All of our apartments contain FREE and unlimited high speed Internet.  Please also note that high speed Internet comes in the forms of regular Ethernet connection (wired broadband) or Wireless (Wi-Fi). In cases of any Internet connectivity troubleshooting – our managers are always ready to stop by and remedy any issues.

What is included with the apartment?

Maid service before check in, maid service once every # of days stated in the description (typically every 4-5 days), linen – sheets, towels, kitchen towels, kitchen utensils and everything else you may need for home like living. Daily or more frequent maid service is available for extra charge.

IMPORTANT - most of our clients prefer privacy and therefore we ask that you notify us exactly when you would like to schedule your maid service. Please call our main phone numbers a day or two prior to your desired maid service and let us know what time you would like the cleaning lady to visit.

What if something breaks or malfunctions in the apartment?

If something breaks of malfunctions in your apartment we will dispatch a repairman immediately to fix the problem. We employ various repair man on call to fix any problems in the remote chance they arise. In a worst case scenario, we function like a Hotel where if the problem can’t be fixed in a reasonable time we will relocate you to another apartment of equivalent or better standard.

What if someone else joins me in the apartment?

There will be no extra charges unless they will be a full time tenant in which case there may be an additional nightly surcharge depending on the apartment. In other words, if a three bedroom apartment is occupied by five single travelers there are additional nightly surcharges applied varying by season and the individual apartments. We will of course let you know of surcharges of any at the time of your booking, at which time you should let us know how many full time tenants there will be.

Can I bring my pet?

If you are bringing a pet along, your apartment choices might be limited. Most landlords do not allow pets. It may also depend on the breed and temperament of the dog. If you plan on bringing a pet, please notify us at the time of booking.

Can I change my check-in date?

No – as your reservation deposit guarantees the apartment for the EXACT dates which you provided. However, if you notify us well in advance of your slight change in arrival date it is likely we are able to shift your reservation without any penalty.

How long does the reservation stay valid in cases of no-show?

In these events, when customers fail to arrive on their scheduled date it is YOUR duty to inform us of these changes either by phone or e-mail on the day of your scheduled arrival. Otherwise, the by default we assume a no show and the apartment is available for rent for other clients.

Can myself, or my friends see an apartment before we make a reservation?

Our policy does not permit us to show the apartments to prospective tenants. There are many reasons for this, one of them being the fact that apartments are occupied 90% of the time by tenants. However, we do understand that if you have a long stay (1 month or more) we can attempt to show the apartment prior to the booking – only if this is possible. Please be assured that our online photos and descriptions are completely accurate and up to date.

What is the booking procedure?

Once we confirm availability and you are interested in booking the apartment for the period of your stay, you will be asked to pay reservation deposit which is 30% of total stay. You can choose one of the following payment options:

  • Credit card
  • Paypal
  • Bank transfer ($20 fee per transfer for International Wires)
  • Western Union Services
  • Money Gram

What will I be charged at time of booking?

Once we confirm availability, reservation deposit equivalent 30% of total price. ALL payments are initiated by our clients and for security reasons we do not receive our client’s credit card information.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes. We can of course offer attractive discounts for lengthy stays and offer weekly and monthly rates in for your stay in Barcelona.

Is security deposit required?

Yes. Depending on the apartment, security deposits ranging from 100 – 300 Euro are required. If we choose to collect a security deposit, you will be issued an invoice stating the deposit is fully refundable provided everything within the apartment is returned in the original shape. An invoice is issued if the security deposit is collected.

NOTE:  Please notify us what time you will be checking out on the day of your departure and our manager will visit to collect the keys and refund the deposit.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Booking an apartment is a mutual commitment. We reserve the apartment’s availability for the entire term of your stay and refuse other clients interested in this apartment (if the dates conflict).

Bookings cancelled by customer – reservation deposit is not refundable in the case of cancellation, however, in cases of trip postponement we may be able to salvage the deposit for a later date of arrival. We encourage our clients to plan their dates carefully and in the event of a trip being shortened as a standard no refund can be provided. However, each situation is different and we do our best to be flexible and accommodate our clients and find a solution suitable for everyone.

Bookings cancelled by owner (landlords) – in the unlikely event the owner of the apartment has to cancel a confirmed booking, we will make every reasonable effort to find you alternative accommodation of equal or better standards for the dates of your travel. If the alternative accommodation is not found to be suitable we can also issue 100% refund of the deposit.

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept credit cards for deposit purposes only. The balance of the payment has to be paid in cash upon check in to the apartment. Our manager or driver will gladly show you the nearest ATM which can dispense up to Euro 400 per day as a standard. Further, most banks will allow you to withdraw any amount you wish using your passport and ATM card via a teller. In rare cases, we will make an exception and accept a credit card for the balance of the payment – typically for regular visitors or business travelers who critically require it for their business expenses purposes.

How and when will I pay for the apartment?

The balance of the payment is paid to our manager at the check-in to the apartment in cash, in full. Payment can be made in Euros. If it is critical for you to use credit card for the balance of the payment, due to your company’s policy (business travel) please let us know and it is possible that we can make an exception to our standard rules. We will of course be glad to issue an invoice / receipt for each and every transaction.

Still have a question? Please feel free to e-mail us.